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Videojet launches 7340 and 7440 fibre laser marking systems

Packaging Solutions

Videojet Technologies is bringing innovation to the market with the launch of the new Videojet 7340 and 7440 fibre laser marking systems, the first to feature Lightfoot, tone of the world’s smallest laser marking heads.

The 7340 (20-Watt) and 7440 (30-Watt) fibre lasers build on 30 years of Videojet experience in the laser market and have been developed to improve ease of use and feature new technologies to ensure ease of integration. The compact design addresses the needs of manufacturers working within small spaces and are an ideal solution for contract packagers and OEMs in the consumer packaged goods, parts marking and pharmaceutical industries, who have space limitations, are looking for simple integrations, or do frequent rapid changeovers.

The Lightfoot fibre laser marking head is one of a kind. It is the smallest in the industry both in size and weight and designed specifically to meet the strict IP69k requirements, so it is suitable for use in washdown and harsh environments, without the need for any additional protective equipment.

The compact Lightfoot marking head weighs less than 1 kg and measures 205.0 mm, making it similar in size to a Videojet Continuous Inkjet printhead and therefore requiring less mounting bracketry, aiding fast set up and repositioning and increasing the range of installation opportunities. Measuring just 41.3 mm in diameter, it is designed to fit anywhere on a customer’s line so optimal focus and power density can be achieved without having to trade off on code quality when trying to make the laser marker fit in tight spaces.

The 7340 and 7440 models incorporate the same trusted technology as previous Videojet fibre laser solutions, with marking speeds of up to 2000 characters per second, on high density packaging substrates across a wide range of materials including metals, plastics and foils, without compromising on code quality, uptime performance, code length or content.

In addition, the 7340 and 7440 fibre lasers feature an integrated pilot beam focus finder, offering easier, faster and more precise focal alignment during the installation process or when needing frequent line or product changeovers. There is no need for measurement tools or awkward adjustments as operators can easily see the pilot beam is in focus and the laser is ready to code with the highest quality, thanks to the built-in system using triangulation of two beams.

‘With the breakthrough technology featured in our new Lightfoot marking head making it the smallest and lightest available in the market, we expect to see an increased range of installation opportunities,’ said Sascha Ammesdoerfer, laser business unit manager at Videojet Technologies. ‘The IP69k rating of the marking head facilitates problem free usage in washdown or harsh environments and the integrated pilot beam focus finder enables easier, faster and error-free focussing on installation and product changeovers. Together, these features make the Videojet 7340 and 7440 fibre lasers our easiest to integrate, operate and service.’

Available with a range of features to further aid the ease of integration, the Videojet 7340 and 7440 fibre laser options include 0° and 90° marking heads, three focal distances, and two umbilical length options (3m or 10m).

Manufacturers can choose from a variety of familiar Videojet user interfaces to control the 7340 and 7440 fibre lasers, including the Videojet Touch Control Software+ (TCS+) that is engineered specifically to help manufacturers control Videojet lasers remotely through either the TU430 10.1” colour touchscreen laser controller, or from virtually any browser based device, other than the Safari browser. Alternatively, the advanced Videojet laser controller with Clarity software features an intuitive touchscreen also used in other Videojet marking and coding solutions, which allows for simple operation and continuous improvement in uptime and productivity.

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