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Investments at Kingsmoor Packaging increase workflow efficiencies

Packaging Solutions

Somerset based thermoformed packaging firm, Kingsmoor Packaging, has started the year sporting fully refurbished design, pattern and tooling facilities. The move, which is part of an ongoing investment programme by the company to improve workflow and provide increased capacity, also includes the purchase and installation of new machinery.

The family business, which has been designing and manufacturing bespoke and off the shelf plastic packaging for the food industry since 1990, has forged an excellent reputation for service and quality by offering a fully integrated in-house design and tooling service, combined with leading edge thermoforming machines. To further increase the efficiency of this single source operation, Kingsmoor has invested in a new Ridat 4030SA semi-automatic vacuum former, which will support the requirement for higher volumes of pre-production and trial samples.

In addition to its design, pattern and tooling facility revamp, Kingsmoor has also been making further investments in its factory with the installation of a new, free air chiller system. Providing a good example of Kingsmoor’s ongoing focus on sustainability, the key benefit of the air chiller system is that it uses the ambient outside air temperature, together with a smart graduation system on the company’s existing chillers, to cool the water that in turn cools the tools used in production. As the system saves energy in the process, Kingsmoor was able to invest in the system with grant funding support from the Carbon Trust.

‘Like any manufacturer, our focus is on adding value to the business through efficiencies and productivity, with the main aim being to make our operation as streamlined and sustainable as possible, especially in the current climate given the consumer pressure on plastics,’ said Kingsmoor Packaging’s managing director, James Hill. ‘We are investing in the business so we can continue to support our customers with a top level of service and maintain our unique selling point for response times for new briefs and making sure our customers always get what they want, when they want it.

‘Ultimately, we are operating in a good niche, growing with our customers and creating new ones. We have developed a reputation for service and quality, whilst maintaining a quality offering on both standard and bespoke products as cost efficiently as possible. Our single source offering means that we can be nimble and flexible in our operation, which for many brands is a strong selling point.’

Alongside the creation of workflow efficiencies, Kingsmoor will look to add momentum to its sustainability drive during the year by making further reductions to its waste and energy consumption. The firm, which manufactures 100% recyclable food grade packaging solutions in rPET, is fully committed to minimising its impact on the environment.

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