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New Paperplus Coiler2 protects heavy shipping goods

Packaging Solutions

Manufacturers and service providers who ship large, heavy, and fragile products can now benefit from the flexible Paperplus Coiler2 system from Storopack. The machine processes the paper pads that are preformed by the Paperplus Classic, Paperplus Crossover, or Paperplus Track paper cushion machines – and turns them into robust coils of paper cushioning. As a result, products weighing between 30 and 500 kilograms can be reliably kept safe.

The robust coils of paper cushioning are ideal for protecting heavy products such as mechanical and electronic parts. Depending on the size of the shipping goods, up to 200 cartons a day can be packed with coils of paper cushion using the Paperplus Coiler2.

The coils of paper cushion can be precisely tailored to the goods concerned using a touch screen display: the coil diameter, for instance, can be set at between 20 and 50 centimetres. Users can also choose from various degrees of firmness and select whether they wish to have compact coils or whether they prefer looser coils. This guarantees an optimised use of packaging material.

Depending on need, the coils of paper are produced at the push of a button. The system can also be set to automatically produce new coils as soon as the previous one has been removed from the machine. It is also possible to pre-produce coils with the aid of a collecting container. Thereby, the automatically attached adhesive dots provide for a secure hold and enable the easy handling of the finished coil. Employees can use the coils in a variety of ways – cushioning, filling, blocking and bracing – to achieve optimum protection of the shipping goods. The Paperplus Coiler2 processes the paper pads at a high speed, with the upstream Paperplus Classic, Paperplus Crossover, and Paperplus Track machines working in sync.

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