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Vivid extends its digital die cutting VeloBlade range

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Due to the incredible success of VeloBlade 64, from Vivid Laminating Technologies, the range has now been extended to include a larger system, the VeloBlade 68. The new digital die cutting system provides the ability to cut sheets up to B2 as well as a selection of enhanced features for even greater efficiency and productivity.

Richard Marlow, Vivid sales director, said: ‘The VeloBlade range has been incredibly well received across the industry. It just made sense to bring a larger model to market, the VeloBlade 68 is the ideal choice for those businesses who need to produce bigger artwork or have a greater volume of products to produce.’

The VeloBlade range combines custom cutting, creasing and perforating in a single pass with auto feed, conveyor belt and collection tray, allowing for completely unattended production. Whether it is paper, plastic board, PVC board, PU, cardboard, rubber sheet or marking film, it can cut it. Perfect for producing packaging, point of sale, labels and much more, the VeloBlade opens up a wide variety of new markets, especially when used alongside Vivid’s Matrix system.

VeloBlade 68 provides all of the great features of its smaller compatriot, with the added benefits of being able to manage a wider variety of stocks. Also, a rotating cutting knife for the cleanest of finishes, laser registration technology, individually activated vacuum clamps and zonal conveyor belt for efficient stock placement.

Create a workflow of various different artwork, load 100 mm of up to 1.5 mm or 1200 g/m2 stock and let the VeloBlade 68 do its thing. Individually activated gantry mounted vacuum clamps operate alongside air separation jets, enabling you to select the ideal feeding function to set your stock into production. From here, the zonal vacuum grip conveyor belt holds stock securely in place. Zonal selection ensures that whatever stock you load onto the belt, it is held in place in the most efficient way.

Before cutting commences, VeloBlade 68 will locate your registration marks using a CCD registration camera, this will ensure the consistency of finish throughout the job. However, if you are given artwork that doesn’t have registration marks, the VeloBlade 68 can still manage efficient and accurate finishes thanks to its laser registration system.

Now cutting can begin. VeloBlade 68 is fitted with a pneumatic rotating knife, which works in a way where even the most intricate of cutting is completely seamless and you will be left with a flush finish, no matter the cut. Once all cutting, creasing and perforating is complete, the stock is automatically stacked in the collection tray.

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