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Senior appointments at Paragon Group

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Paragon Group has announced the appointment of Sean Shine as CEO. He succeeds Patrick Crean (Paragon’s principal shareholder), who will now take on the role of executive chairman. John Rogers, currently head of corporate development, has also been promoted to executive director.

Sean joined Paragon as Group COO in 2016 from Accenture. He has led the creation of the company's three business divisions, new management structures and has driven operational performance while also driving exceptional growth. This year, Paragon expects to deliver revenues in excess of €1.2 billion across the three divisions. Sean and his leadership team will continue to focus on the delivery of organic revenue growth allied to additional expansion through acquisitions while also driving operational profit through to the bottom line earnings performance of Paragon.

Patrick Crean said, ‘Sean will continue with our group’s ambitious and entrepreneurial style of leadership, whilst creating his own longer term plans for Paragon.’

Sean added, ‘During 2019 we continued to build strength and depth in each

of our three businesses and delivered outstanding growth. We are now strong market leaders across these three businesses and are ready to grow to the next level alongside our clients.’

Sean Shine.

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