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Letter case to coffee table

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While today’s news in printing is mostly related to new and exciting technology, here is something from the past, that is just as useful today.

Many will remember the days of manual typesetting with metal sorts and type cases, composing rules and pica poles, where movable type was hand set for each and every page of print. This was a real craft and incredible skill.

The letters were located in a logical order in individual compartments of a letter case/tray from which the typesetter/compositor selected letter after letter placing them into a composing stick to make up a block of text.

Blacksmith Philip Grob, who is based in Hampshire, is used to completing original and bespoke projects, and he was recently asked to convert an old type case into a coffee table. It looks superb and is a great use way to reuse a traditional craft item of yesterday, by a craftsman of today.

There may be some nostalgic typesetters/composers out there, or just lovers of print, who may be inspired to do something similar, bringing back happy memories as a daily reminder of ‘the good old days’.

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