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Kornit Digital introduces NeoPigment Robusto Softener solution


Kornit Digital has announced the release of its new NeoPigment Robusto Softener solution for Presto, the company’s system for digital, pigment based direct to fabric decoration. Reflecting the company’s commitment to expanding sustainable, on-demand decoration capabilities to all corners of the textile industry, this solution eliminates a key barrier between digital, pigment based impressions and the fashion industry – namely, a softer feel.

The new Softener solution is a product of the brand’s continuous innovation strategy. By streamlining the end to end process, these systems eliminate the need to predict demand and manage inventory, while supporting global sustainability imperatives. Offering vibrant colours, intricate design capabilities, and an excellent fabric touch, Kornit’s pigment based digital print solutions require minimal space and labour relative to competitive offerings.

‘The new Softener addresses the final sticking point we have encountered for high fashion and other markets considering a move to digital printing – and that is the touch, the physical feel of the finished piece,’ said Ronen Samuel, Kornit CEO. ‘Being able to produce precisely and only what is sold, and doing so in a manner that reflects the premium modern consumers place on community and social responsibility, is the key to stability and growth in these uncertain times.’

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