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Live Covid-19 updates to aid business continuity

Packaging Solutions

A Covid-19 dashboard has gone live on the website of packaging supplier Quadpack (, to help keep stakeholders informed of the effects of the virus on the company’s global operations.

This dashboard shows real time information about the status of Quadpack’s factories in Europe and those of its supply partners in other parts of the world. Other information regarding support, shipping and logistics is also shown.

To date, the company is maintaining operations without significant delays. In Asia, business is starting to return to normal. In Europe and the US, the majority of office staff are working from home, supported by secure, cloud based, collaborative systems. The manufacturing facilities in Spain and Germany are running at up to 80% of capacity. Factory workers are taking special safety measures such as body temperature checks, maintaining distance and disinfecting machinery between shifts, while following the guidelines of the World Health Organisation.

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