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Gardiner Graphics re-purposes to support the manufacture of PPE

Packaging Solutions

Gardiner Graphics Group is re-purposing its resources into the manufacturing of PPE.

CEO Tom Powell commented, ‘With such a vast stock of PET right here in the UK and the machinery suited to the job, we recognised the increasing demand for PPE items and wanted to help. With a natural downturn in activity within our sector due to government guidance, we wanted to make sure that our Portsmouth manufacturing facility kept moving. To have all the materials and equipment to repurpose into a much needed item seemed the right thing to do.’

Gardiner Graphics Group is manufacturing up to 20,000 units per day, with the capacity to increase that on demand.

It is also offering the flat sheets of prepared PET to other UK manufacturers looking to apply their own designs.

The company urges any contacts that may benefit from these items to please reach out to discuss the immediate supply.

One of the products is a single use emergency PPE visor. It is a flat packed, self-assembly single use, clear visor to protect the eyes, nose, mouth and face from contaminated Covid-19 droplets. It is for emergency use in key working environments.

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