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Intamac Packaging Systems becomes distributor of automatic mask

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Intamac Packaging Systems traditionally supplies packaging equipment for the food, drink, pharma and cosmetics industries but realised that there was an urgent need for mask making equipment in the UK to keep key workers safe.

The Hampshire based machine distributor is now able to import new mask making equipment from the Far East. The IPS-KZ-N95 and IPS-KZ-1-2 mask making machines were designed by its Chinese manufacturing partner when it was unable to source sufficient masks for the workforce during the coronavirus crisis. The machine, that was launched to the UK market in March, has received unprecedented interest from businesses looking to adapt and help the fight against coronavirus.

Tom Poston, Intamac’s division manager, was impressed by the turnaround of the manufacturer. ‘Our partner is a well respected global manufacturer who needed three to four masks a day for each of its staff but, in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, there was a massive shortage of those masks,’ he said. ‘The company realised the quickest way to keep its business going was to buy some blueprints and build its own mask making machines. Initially it was inundated with orders from the Chinese government, but is now able to sell it to the rest of the world.’

There are two machines available. The IPS-KZ-N95, which can make the N95 medical respirator face masks, at a speed of 2400 pieces per hour and the IPS-KZ-1-2 automatic mask making machine for 3 ply protective and medical masks, suitable for daily use and running at speeds of up to 6000 pieces per hour.

‘The masks are made in a similar way to food packaging, using multiple layers to provide different levels of protection,’ Tom explained. ‘It is a different market for us but we know that most of the businesses we already work with would be able to use this machinery and there is a huge demand for PPE equipment at the moment.’

The equipment has all the necessary CE approvals and the masks are produced to the relevant international standards.

Tania McCullough,pictured opening the shipment of masks that we donated to local healthcare providers.

Intamac is also able to sell the N95 and medical masks directly to customers who are in need of the masks themselves and do not have the facilities to manufacture them.

Iain Buckham, CEO, Intamac, has been distributing the masks to local healthcare providers before receiving commercial shipments. ‘We have been based in the centre of Alton since the business moved from London over 70 years ago. When we heard that key workers were missing vital pieces of personal protection equipment, we wanted to do our bit to help. We used our network of contacts to bring the masks over to the UK.’

He continued, ‘We are so grateful to all our local key workers who continue to work on the frontline during this time and want to support them as much as possible and in whatever way we can.’

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