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Cepac supports getting back to work safely

Packaging Solutions: Positive About Print

Emphasising Cepac’s role as an essential manufacturer during the global pandemic, the company’s design teams have drawn on their extensive corrugated design experience and developed three new innovations to support companies in getting back to work and keeping staff safe.

All companies returning to work must consider heightened health and hygiene and the solutions Cepac has developed represent quick, easy to use, low cost ways of operating safely under the latest government guidance.

The team identified the need to display and dispense items such as hand cleansers and wipes in workplaces where this may not have been a requirement previously. The hygiene station has been designed to be quickly set up, allowing for multiple items to be displayed. Potentially hazardous waste should of course be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

A corrugated general divider has been created to help with social distancing and to promote health and hygiene guidelines. The product is delivered flat packed and easily self erected. The sturdy eye level dividers encourage social distancing and can be quickly moved to new locations.

As workers return to desks, the need to protect staff is crucial and Cepac’s tabletop screen, constructed using heavyweight board and a transparent window, combines protection and visibility. The screen supports social distancing in the office environment and is suitable to fit to desks and computer terminals.

Nigel Hobson, sales and commercial manager, Cepac Rawcliffe said: ‘We approached this by thinking about how we can help the country get back to work safely as many companies will not have experienced the need to consider heightened health and hygiene issues before. The solutions that have been developed represent quick, easy to use, low cost ways of supporting businesses to operate safely under the latest government guidance.

‘All three items – the hygiene station, general divider and tabletop screen – can be supplied plain and digitally or flexo printed depending on order volumes. They are delivered flat packed and are easy to erect. All items are available in their current design form and can also be tailored to customers’ needs.’

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