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International Paper launches corrugated dividers

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International Paper has launched its innovative Space Divider series as some countries around the world lift Covid-19 related restrictions. The corrugated separators come in many different shapes and forms, enabling businesses, restaurants, schools and public administration offices to meet social distancing requirements to keep people safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Printable in full colour, the separators can also serve to reinforce messages of care or applicable safety procedures in a visually appealing and memorable manner.

‘Our corrugated space dividers are enjoying already great popularity,’ said Eric Chartrain, vice president and general manager of International Paper’s corrugated packaging in Europe, Middle East &Africa (EMEA). ‘The product gives customers more options to return safely and efficiently to the new normal of their business operations while at the same time contributing to the circular economy with an environmentally friendly solution.’

The free standing corrugated separator is especially suitable for businesses operating production and assembly lines that require employees working closely to each other, for example in the food processing, fruit and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, hygiene and e-commerce sectors. It allows employees to carry out their jobs normally while being physically separated and maintaining a safe distance. Easy to assemble, it can be moved freely as needed while not requiring any additional support. This model is also suitable for use in hospitals and restaurants, as well as for any business dealing with waiting queues and limited space.

The modular desk divider meets the special requirements of offices and education bodies. It can be easily adapted to any workplace or desk featuring two pre-cut openings enabling hassle free passing of computer cables and free vision for the user towards for example white boards.

Unlike similar products using alternative materials, International Paper’s Space Dividers are made from renewable resources and can be fully recycled when disposed of. As dividers need frequent replacement for hygiene reasons, the product offers an excellent solution for environmentally conscious businesses.

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