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Where The Trade Buys helps schools adapt to the new normal

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The CEO of a leading online print portal has expressed concern that some schools are not properly equipped to reopen to students later this year.

Successful upload and print platform Where The Trade Buys has diversified its products in recent months, to help organisations around the country adapt to the new Covid-19 social distancing measures.

And as schools prepare to welcome back huge numbers of pupils in September, CEO Gary Peeling has warned that more needs to be done to ensure both children and staff feel safe.

‘Schools reopening has been a hot topic over the last couple of months and it is not difficult to see why staff and parents alike have doubts about how children will fare in such a changed environment,’ said Gary.

‘The last thing anyone wants is for our young people to be scared or uncomfortable in the classroom, but it is obviously of the utmost importance to make some adaptations so that they are protected while they learn.’

Following the success of its PPE for office spaces, the company now offers a range of specially designed PPE for schools, including desk dividers, safety guards and protective classroom screens with a Perspex window so pupils can still see their teachers and classmates.

‘We have created this school range with children in mind, so schools can personalise the products with either logos, safety reminders or just by choosing a design than makes them more colourful and less alien to pupils,’ added Gary.

The classroom PPE is made from Correx, which is a durable board that can be wiped clean throughout the day and is easily packed away and stored when it is not needed.

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