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Sales soar for classic British cartoon printmaker

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Since 2010, John Patrick Reynolds has been making handmade screen prints of iconic images from classic cartoons like The Beano, The Broons, Asterix and Popeye. After building the business over years at exhibitions and trade shows throughout the UK and Europe, most of his orders now come through his online shop: From his studio in west London, John ships to buyers from all over the world including expats who decorate apartments with their classic childhood heroes. ‘Most of my customers come back to order at least one more print,’ he said. ‘I am grateful for that because it is fun to get to know who I am making them for.’ Since Covid-19 began in March, he has noticed an uptick in sales, especially from people who are buying several different prints with their very first order. ‘We are selling out of our limited editions much faster than I had expected and I get the impression people are buying them to also give to their friends. Perhaps so they can decorate their home offices as well?’ John explained.

Asterix and Obelix prints have sold especially well this year, prompted by the death in March of Frenchman Albert Uderzo, who helped create the cartoons along with René Goscinny. But John’s best sellers are still British classics such as Beano favourite Dennis the Menace, Scottish darling Oor Wullie, Pony Club chronicler Norman Thelwell and adventure title Commando. And, it is not just British buyers that are contributing to the surge this year: John has already shipped more prints to Europe than in the whole of 2019. Each screen print is handmade on cotton paper in limited quantities and most images come in a variety of sizes that are perfect for any size of room, from entrance hall to study. Prints can be purchased framed as well as unframed.

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