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AM Labels introduces new Sato CL4NX plus

Packaging Solutions

AM Labels has introduced the new Sato CL4NX Plus industrial thermal label printer as the latest addition to its portfolio.

Designed to optimise precision and deliver fast and exceedingly efficient print runs, the CL4NX Plus is ideal for use in a wide range of medium to high volume printing applications, in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive, healthcare and food. Available with a print resolution of 200, 300 or 600 dpi, the CL4NX Plus integrates effortlessly into existing workflows and is compatible with a wide range of media including roll and fan fold labels.

In addition to offering an exceedingly fast print speed of up to 14 inches per second, the CL4NX Plus delivers quick data processing and optional environmentally friendly linerless media support, improving sustainability, productivity and operational efficiency. What is more, the thermal printer has a ribbon capacity that is 30% higher than that of similar models, reducing the frequency in which roll replacement is required and further maximising productivity. Allowing for a customised user interface, the CL4NX Plus features a large colour screen display, providing videos on print set up and operation for additional ease of use.

AM Labels Limited has recently received the Sato Application Enabled Printing (AEP) Certification, allowing the company to develop and sell fully customisable standalone software for a range of applicable printers, including the Sato CL4NX Plus industrial printer.

AEP is an innovative system that increases flexibility by enabling the customisation of operations, as well as providing the capacity to connect devices such as scanners, keypads and weighing scales. AML can now develop bespoke and personalised AEP solutions that have been developed in-house, maximising flexibility for the end user. Not only this, the CL4NX Plus also features Sato Online Services (SOS), a cloud based preventative maintenance service that remotely monitors the status of the printer for advanced error detection.

Brendon Bass, sales and marketing manager, AM Labels Limited, explained: ‘We are delighted to add the Sato CL4NX Plus printer to our extensive and wide ranging portfolio. Combining high quality printing with best in class speeds and a powerful performance, the Sato CL4NX Plus is an excellent addition to environments where quality, accuracy, and speed are key requirements.

‘As well as providing businesses with the opportunity to strengthen and develop their operational capabilities, the CL4NX Plus maximises sustainability and reduces costs, offering a cutting edge and exceedingly cost effective solution to high quality in-house label production.’

AML is renowned for its vast technical and software expertise across all aspects of labelling, colour label printing, barcoding and RFID, in addition to having its own label production facility. The company offers thermal desktop, industrial and colour label printers that provide superb solutions to managing label printing in-house, across a wide range of industries and applications.

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