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Claremon expands business into wide format with Canon Arizona 1380 XT

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Claremon Limited, a print company based in Yorkshire, has increased business capacity and services to customers by installing the Canon Arizona 1380 XT. The device is its first wide format printer, meaning it can expand into the business to consumer market and sell high end print products directly to the public through its website.

The company primarily operates in the product presentation, signage, and display industries. Fast and reliable web to print options are a key focus, whilst the commercial print side of the business produces a range of products and textiles, with brochures, exhibition materials and fabric samples being key examples.

However, prior to working with Canon, Claremon didn’t own a wide format printer, so much of its larger scale and complicated work had to be sub-contracted out. To future proof the business and expand its offering with new revenue streams, the company chose to invest in its own wide format printer and selected the Arizona 1380 XT.

When deciding on a product, Claremon knew that it needed an advanced flatbed to provide the high quality work its customers expected. Versatility was another key priority for the business, alongside the ability to print on rigid surfaces. With commercial printing of products and textiles being a key area of the business, the time was right to invest in a new product.

The Arizona 1380 XT and the Roll Media Option has enabled Claremon to diversify its offering via a ‘one stop shop’ for customers, delivering everything from high quality prints to telemarketing campaigns. It has also invested in a Zünd G3 cutter from Canon to remove the common bottleneck around finishing. By adding these devices to its portfolio, the company can also produce campaigns faster than some of its major rivals, generating greater income for the business.

The Arizona has helped the printer to develop ‘campaigns on-demand’, incorporating litho and digital printing into personalised pieces, such as bespoke wallpaper and instructional graphics and signage to help businesses during the coronavirus crisis. Most notably, it believes that the Arizona will open up the business into the business to consumer market and has hired new members of staff to help it manage this increased demand.

Duncan Smith, country director, Production Printing Products, Canon UK, said: ‘It is great to see that Claremon has selected the Arizona 1380 XT as its first wide format printer. At Canon, we are always looking for ways to help our customers expand their business and are looking forward to helping Claremon grow and succeed in the business to consumer market.

‘The Arizona 1380 XT is a superb UV flatbed printer, with the ability to print instantly on any media, without a warm up, making it the perfect choice for high value graphic arts and industrial printing.’

John Conroy, managing director of Claremon, said: ‘We looked at a number of alternatives, focusing on a combination of quality and productivity to meet our customers’ varying needs but Canon was the only choice for us. We were looking for a machine that was as versatile as possible and the Arizona, with the roll media add on, ticked all the boxes.

‘In the long run the Arizona will help us to improve logistics and save vital time – ultimately helping us to get products to customers quickly and efficiently. Through new revenue streams, we also anticipate a growth in profit in the near future.’

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