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New event to elevate the industry with help from print VIPs

Print Solutions

It is time for print to raise its game. Elevate Print, a free online event from Print Media Centr and technology partner Inkish with support from 15 organisations will be helping the industry do just that from August 25 to 27, (10 am to 2 pm ET daily).

Special events at 12 pm ET each day will feature high profile thought leaders including former curator of the Nobel Prize Museum, creativity expert, and CEO of Combiner Tobias Degsell, and former Xerox and HP executives Hélène Blanchette and Shuchi Sarkar.

In addition to sessions that explore how to open up new business opportunities and elevate customer relationships, analysis of segments following Covid-19, the rundown on equipment that would have been launching at tradeshows this year and more, Elevate Print will be tackling important issues such as Black Lives Matter, diversity and inclusion, attracting young talent to the industry and creating a sustainable future for print.

Deborah Corn, intergalactic ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr, said: ‘I have curated an incredible line up of speakers and received amazing support from 15 affiliate organisation partners to provide attendees access to honest, unbiased information and discussion topics to help them raise their game and spark new ideas for their business, as well as offer perspective on how to attract new voices to the industry for long term careers. Working for the greater good of the print industry is a shared commitment of Print Media Centr and Inkish, and CEO Morten Reitoft will bring his team and technology to the table to make the online experience more interesting and interactive.’

Karen Fulton, president and CEO of PIA San Diego, said: ‘Affiliates across the country were eager to work together on this great event to Elevate Print. This industry has always been stronger together and when we put Print Media Centr, printers, association executives, industry leaders and leading experts in a room – virtual or not – magic happens.’

You can view the full Elevate Print schedule and register here

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