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Sign Here hits orange with SureColor

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Worcester's Sign Here struggled to match a vibrant shade of orange for a vehicle wrap, until it invested in a new Epson SureColor S80600 from reseller SEDO.

‘At Sign Here we have always pursued a ‘can do’ philosophy: whatever the project, we can do it,’ comments owner Kevin Mahoney. ‘We can match any print and design requirement from vehicle graphics to specialist retail and healthcare signage, embroidery and printed clothing to business cards. Whatever you need, we can do it.’

However, when Kevin and his team were commissioned for a tricky vehicle wrap project, Sign Here's wide format printers fell short.

‘We took on a catering vehicle wrap that required printing a really vibrant orange with burgundy overlay and our existing printers couldn't match the brief,’ he explained. ‘It was time to update the system. I talked to some people, and that was when I heard about the Epson S-Series S80600.’

The Epson SureColor S80600 eco solvent printer is renowned for its reliability, image durability, precision sharpness and colour fidelity. It therefore meets the exacting needs of professional sign makers, printers and designers, and those in the photographic and fine art sector. Its extensive colour gamut, including orange, red, light cyan, light magenta and light black alongside high quality CMYK, allows users to match 98% of the Pantone range. Not only did Sign Here’s new SureColor S80600 print the required vivid orange, it hits the kind of greys that once gave Kevin a headache.

In addition to the new printer, supplied with Onyx RIP software, Sign Here invested in a Summa S class 1600 cutter. ‘The system’s ability to print and cut are seamless. Jobs that used to take up to an hour are now completed in 15 minutes,’ said Kevin. ‘When it came to colour, the Epson nailed it, and I have used a Summa cutter for years. This is a bigger version of the one we already own. They are bullet proof, reliable technology. Together they have future proofed our business.’

Sign Here sourced the new machines through Basildon based SEDO, again through recommendation. ‘We approached a few resellers but Andy McGuinness and his team at SEDO seemed keen to make sure we got what we needed,’ said Kevin. ‘Andy was great, really helpful.’

SEDO’s managing director Andy McGuiness commented, ‘We work with the leading large and wide format manufacturers and take a holistic approach to all our customers' needs, including printers, consumables and finishing. Our team of advisers bring over 70 years experience to any print problem.

‘Sign Here's very specific requirement for depth of colour, and to speed up production, made the SC-S80600 an obvious choice. It uses Dual PrecisionCore TFP printheads and UltraChrome GS3 inks for more vibrant colours, and print can be displayed outdoors for up to three years without fading, perfect for a vehicle wrap. It was a pleasure to work with Kev and his team.’

Kevin concluded, ‘We evolved our service portfolio to meet our customers' changing needs, and, as we have invested in new technology, we only source the best. Our clients aren't interested in how we do the job, they just want to see the best possible outcome, delivered on time, and time after time.’

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