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A little bit of black magic for Sabat tarot cards

Print Solutions

Pop’Set Extra Black and Curious Metallics Lustre from Antalis’ Creative Papers range have been used to produce an exquisite boxed set of tarot cards for witchcraft magazine Sabat.

Designed by Cleber Rafael de Campos and featuring hand drawn illustrations by Italian illustrator Elisa Seitzinger, the Sabat tarot deck is made up of 78 captivating cards.

The tarot deck, entitled Sabat 5, is sold by Sabat magazine on its online shop so retail margin was therefore a factor and it was important to keep production costs down without compromising the quality of the finished piece.

The card set, together with accompanying guidebook were printed and produced by Gavin Martin Colournet, which recommended Antalis’ Creative Paper Pop’Set Extra Black. Gary Bird, managing director of Gavin Martin Colournet, commented: ‘We printed litho silver onto the black Pop’Set board which gave wonderful tactile properties to the finished print. Pop’Set provided excellent value for money with outstanding results.’

The presentation box with sliding tray insert was wrapped in Pop’Set Extra Black with Buckram Emboss, with a lining of Curious Metallics Lustre. It was finished with a black satin ribbon for pulling out the sliding tray.

All involved were delighted with the finished piece. Gary commented, ‘The tarot cards and the booklet worked really well on the Pop’Set Extra Black because of its smooth, hard finish; the silver ink sits up nicely even though it is an uncoated paper. We foil blocked the presentation box in silver, to complement the cards.’

Pop’Set and Curious Metallics are part of the Antalis Creative Papers range, all of which is now carbon balanced by Antalis UK, in partnership with the World Land Trust.


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