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A record number of DigiLase orders for ABG

Packaging Solutions

Fuelled by the e-commerce boom, A B Graphic International (ABG) took a record number of orders for its innovative DigiLase 4.0 digital finishing machine in 2020. And with web to print companies continuing to upscale their output substantially, sales are likely to be strong throughout the current year.

ABG has installed numerous DigiLase machines, equipped with various configurations, throughout the world. A growing order book in 2021 is also ensuring that this continues to be another record year. Many of these machine orders, which include the company’s automatic workflow and the inkjet digital embellishment module, are currently in production and due for installation in Mexico, the USA, the Netherlands, UK and Germany, in the coming months.

DigiLase 4.0 incorporates laser cutting technology, which is ideal for direct from web sticker and label production. A reduced web path and a decrease in the necessary lead-in/out material both help reduce waste. The minimum job length through the DigiLase has been dramatically reduced to allow the maximum flexibility in short runs, and file downloading takes milliseconds, thereby allowing several jobs to be processed simultaneously, from unwinding to laser cutting and rewinding.


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