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ABG reinforces global presence in 2023

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A B Graphic International (ABG), has reinforced its global presence during 2023 with a series of strategic visits by key personnel designed to strengthen customer relationships and reaffirm the company's commitment to supporting local markets.


In October, ABG sales manager, Mark Hyde, made a successful trip to Australia and New Zealand to secure sales for the high spec Digicon Series 3. His itinerary covered various cities, reflecting the company’s commitment to its southern hemisphere customers. And, given that demand for the beverage specific Digicon Series 3 is on the rise, there are plans to hold its first Australian open house in 2024 in collaboration with Currie Group – its primary distributor in the area.


Mark's efforts extended beyond the southern hemisphere, as he reinforced relationships and closed deals in various countries including Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Israel, USA, Canada, Ireland, Belgium and Germany, demonstrating the company’s global reach.

Elsewhere, Floriana (Flo) Montella, DigiJet and DigiLase product manager and global company ambassador, embarked on a strategic visit to Asia to establish relationships with new customers, participate in HP's VIP event and collaborate with long standing distributors in the Asian market.


Flo showcased ABG's automation and digital solutions alongside HP presses. She also visited Honsen in Singapore, explored opportunities with BTS Industries for web to print solutions in Thailand, and participated in international events like Finat in Vienna, Israel HP VIP event, Dscoop in Rome and a visit to Etikett.DE, amongst others.


ABG has a significant worldwide presence with offices in the UK, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, the US and Chile and collaborates with 60 distributors globally. Commenting on the importance of this international reach, Flo said: ‘Having a global presence is crucial for us at ABG. We consistently strive to cultivate robust and meaningful connections with our clients, distributors and partners. This commitment enables us to effectively share information about ABG's solutions and offer extensive support to our international network.’



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