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Advent calendar takes the stress of out Christmas

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A new advent calendar is helping people navigate the downside of the festive season, with a host of useful and positive advice.

Countdown Through Stressmas is the work of designer and mental health advocate, Liz Harry, who sells thousands of her eye catching pieces through online shopping site, Etsy.

And now Liz has joined forces with digital print platform, WTTB, to produce an advent calendar with a difference, full of mindful and helpful messages and support for every day in December – as well as the requisite chocolate.

Liz, who admits she has her own mental health challenges, believes that while Christmas is a joyful time, it can also be packed with stress.

‘This year seems like it is particularly stressful with all of the terrible things that are happening across the world and with everyone still having to cope with the cost of living crisis,’ she said.

‘And so, I wanted to keep some of the fun of the festive season with my designs, but also give some helpful advice and support to see people through the run up to Christmas.’

Liz took advantage of WTTB’s ability to produce bespoke advent calendars for its clients, which can be used for everything from promotional items to corporate gifts.

‘Everyone would agree that Christmas does come with a fair amount of stress and I wanted to show people that it is okay to feel like that but also give them permission to look after themselves,’ she said.

‘It is also a great way to admit to yourself that you might be feeling overwhelmed but by identifying it and putting some ways of coping with it in place, it will hopefully not escalate.

‘Failing that, people can just eat the chocolate!’

Liz’s artwork has seen her make more than 25,000 sales and she is hoping that the colourful and eye catching advent calendar will also prove popular.


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