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Agfa announces offset printing plate price increase

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Agfa has announced that it will globally increase the prices of its offset printing plates.

The ongoing rise of raw material costs, particularly aluminium, energy and packaging materials, in combination with high freight rates, make price adjustments unavoidable.

The price for aluminium, the key component of an offset printing plate, peaked in June at more than $2500 per tonne. Prices for packaging materials almost doubled in a couple of months. Freight and transportation services remain under severe pressure in terms of availability and cost.

Offset plate prices will increase by up to 10%, effective August 1 2021 as contracts permit. This is in addition to the previously announced and implemented increase and will likely be followed by subsequent increases as the trend continues.

The Agfa sales teams will be in contact with customers to discuss the details and support the implementation, taking into account individual existing agreements.


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