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Ahlstrom achieves recyclability certification for a wide range of food packaging papers

Packaging Solutions

Continuing a rapid development journey of sustainable and fibre based packaging innovations, Ahlstrom has passed Western Michigan Recyclability Certification for several food packaging base papers that utilise Ahlstrom’s proprietary FluoroFree technology.

‘We are proud that our food packaging products passed Western Michigan University’s testing protocol for recyclability,’ said Travis Dahlke, vice president, Food Packaging Americas. ‘Achieving this certification offers our customers and the marketplace yet another fibre based solution to reduce traditional non renewable materials in packaging engineering and creates a positive end of life scenario that consumers are demanding.’

The range of FluoroFree products that have achieved recyclability certification are produced in Ahlstrom’s North American operations and are used in such applications as quick service restaurant packaging, pet food packaging, microwave popcorn, and confectionary, while also providing solutions for non food packaging applications.

‘Recyclable and compostable packaging plays a crucial role in addressing environmental concerns, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable practices,’ Travis Dahlke further explained. ‘By offering the marketplace options for sustainable packaging, the packaging value chain can play a key role in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, helping to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.’


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