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AM Labels introduces new inventory control software

Label Solutions

TagworX is easy to install, user friendly and provides asset and stock management capabilities on any device. In addition to maximising operational efficiency and ensuring optimal production and distribution of goods, TagworX helps businesses keep accurate, up to date inventory records, as well as distributing the data with ease. The software can be used across various elements of a company’s operations, including goods in, goods out, stocktakes, purchasing and asset tracking, as well as to identify items and manage mobile inventories across various sites or warehouses.

TagworX is compatible with both barcoding and RFID hardware, is easily integrated for use with other software and can be customised for a range of different needs. Regardless of the size or structure of your business, TagworX offers a flexible, cost effective solution to complete inventory control management.

‘Prospective customers can attend free, in-house demonstrations of our range of barcoding and handheld solutions with our talented and knowledgeable team. In addition, we also offer full installation and an aftercare service to ensure optimal performance of our hardware and software.’

AM Labels supplies bespoke labelling software solutions, in addition to manufacturing labels in-house.


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