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AM Labels introduces new range of Inkanto ribbons

Label Solutions

AM Labels Limited (AML) has added a new range of thermal ribbons from Inkanto to its portfolio.

The innovative range, produced by the Armor Group, is designed to deliver clear, precise and high quality results, in addition to offering excellent readability when printing all types of variable information including barcodes, batch numbers, expiry dates and logos. The new range from AML is one of the largest available, with solutions for a variety of desktop and industrial printers, as well as for printers that feature both flathead or near edge technology.

In addition to providing outstanding print quality on a range of label and packaging film substrates such as vellum, coated and glossy coated paper labels, as well as synthetic labels including Polypropylene, Polyethylene and polyester, the new ribbons are highly flexible and can be used across a large variety of industries and applications. What is more, providing a comprehensive and user friendly solution to an assortment of label and package printing requirements, the extensive range of Inkanto ribbons is available in either wax, resin or wax resin.

Within the wax, resin and wax resin ranges, Inkanto ribbons are further separated into three grades, ensuring businesses are able to select the most appropriate ribbons for their printing requirements. The Access grade features standard, yet high quality, ribbons that are perfect for businesses striving to keep operational costs to a minimum. The Club grade features enhanced ribbons that meet around 80% of standard labelling requirements. Finally, the Expert grade features premium ribbons that are ideal for the most demanding or specific applications. The different roll families are colour coded, eliminating ribbon identification errors which can often be extremely costly for businesses.

The extensive new range of Inkanto ribbons from AM Labels are ideal for label and package printing requirements in a large variety of applications such as shipping and distribution labels, signage, logos, frozen and hot food packaging and chemical and industrial labelling. Further to this, coloured ribbons are also available, as well as those for specialist applications, including high temperature exposure, wash care labels and ribbons benefitting from an enhanced chemical resistance.

Wax ribbons, the bestselling and most popular within the new Inkanto range, offer a high quality solution for businesses looking to upgrade from direct thermal label printing. Combining water and fade resistance, wax ribbons ensure excellent readability and scanning of barcodes, text and logos. The low priced ribbons are ideal for businesses where cost effectiveness is a key priority, with the added benefits of being simple to use and facilitating printing on a wide range of paper materials.

Brendon Bass, sales and marketing manager, AM Labels, commented: ‘We are delighted to add the extensive range of Inkanto thermal ribbons to our portfolio. Whatever your printing requirements, we guarantee that there will be a ribbon within our new range that will enable your business to strengthen its printing quality and capabilities. Offering a highly flexible solution to a large variety of label and package printing requirements, with outstanding print quality and readability, the new range of Inkanto ribbons is simple to use and can make a real difference to your business.

‘We are currently offering prospective customers free sample packs to enable them to trial the outstanding quality of our new range of Inkanto ribbons, and to determine the best grade for their chosen application.’


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