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Did you know...

Solutions’ magazine’s readership crosses the entire graphic arts chain ­–­ from printers to print buyers, from designers and creatives to marketing agencies, from publishers and stationers to packaging technologists – and more.

Did you know...

Solutions was the first magazine anywhere (not just in the graphic arts  industry) to carry full variable data digital laser cutting, where each copy carried the name of the recipient ‘cut’ into the cover.

Did you know...

Solutions was the first magazine anywhere (not just in the industry) to carry a campaign for the ‘digital key’ – an interactive plug-in that links to the internet and allows information to be updated daily, so that users of the key can enter exclusive competitions or take advantage of special offers.

Did you know...

Solutions was the first in the industry to carry truly industry specific messages through augmented reality.

Did you know...

Solutions was the first magazine anywhere (not just in the industry) to carry digital personalised foiling, where every name on the cover was different but placed in foil rather than print


Why am I telling you this? If you are thinking through your marketing promotions for the rest of the year, then remember that to do things really creatively, it is important to look at a well planned, bespoke solution that gives longevity and really gets you noticed.


That’s where Solutions magazine can help!


We want to work with you in a bespoke fashion and tailor make a creative package of promotional opportunities that will get you more sales, more recognition, and more return on marketing investment.


We can offer a huge menu of options from which you can choose including the basics such as page advertising, standout front covers, online and social media promotions and editorial, as well as many more creative ideas such as a wide range of knowledge sharing handbooks on a variety of industry themes – or a dedicated handbook on you and your products; bellybands, bookmarks, upside down pages – whatever you need to get you noticed; embedded video and audio options; or, a new idea specifically dedicated just to you!

We promise that your personally built promotional package will offer you way more – and for longer – than you would get anywhere else.


It’s very easy to get the most added value and the best for your marketing spend.


Just contact David on



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