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Antalis appoints Nick Thompson to packaging director UK

Packaging Solutions

Nick Thompson took up the new role of packaging director for Antalis UK at the beginning of 2021. He was previously supply chain director for Antalis, a position he held for seven years, and prior to this has worked in supply chain roles for Tesco, Sainsburys and Amazon.

The packaging industry is estimated to grow 5% each year with Antalis’ own packaging division rapidly expanding at an even faster pace. Finding ways to alleviate the increasing pressures on packaging and distribution is often complex. Antalis Packaging has solutions that are designed to address these challenges and keep products moving in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Nick’s appointment is positioned to help with future growth and innovation in the packaging sector. He said, ‘With my supply chain background I understand distribution and what it takes to create efficiency at every level. Antalis Packaging supplies a complete range of packaging materials, machinery, and services; we can even help design and create bespoke packaging solutions that enable sustainability, and help businesses save costs. I am keen to embrace this expanding market, and to find the right people, products, and services to ensure we continue to meet demand as the market evolves.’

Sustainability and waste management are areas where Nick is particularly keen to provide support for customers. ‘Understanding the challenges that our customers face is imperative, and environmental solutions that help them achieve their sustainability goals will be a top priority for the business,’ he said. ‘For example, with plastic tax coming into force in April 2022, we are ideally positioned to provide our clients with advice, support and practical ways to reduce the use of plastic in their packaging and wrapping.’


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