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Antalis creative papers arouse the spirit of Christmas

Paper Solutions

Christmas Carousel, made by paper artist Anaïs Herd-Smith, is made entirely with papers from Antalis’ newly relaunched Keaykolour and Curious collections.

Antalis supplied a selection of festive coloured papers to members of the Paper Artist Collective for their creative responses to a brief on the theme of ‘Christmas Spirit’.

The Paper Artist Collective is a global community of paper artists whose aim is to raise the profile of paper art and artists, while also providing its members with a platform where the community can come together to discuss, collaborate, exhibit and inspire. Several times a year, the collective sets its members a brief for which they produce creative responses using a variety of papers supplied. With multiple artists working on the same theme, ‘it is amazing to see how we all produce something very different,’ said Anaïs Herd-Smith.

Anaïs’ response to the brief of ‘Christmas Spirit’ was ‘Christmas Carousel’, a three-dimensional paper sculpture that uses a windmill mechanism as its foundation. She created it using Alchemy Gold, from the Curious collection, and three papers from the Keaykolour range: Guardsman Red, a rich red; Atoll, a teal green; and Particles Moonlight.

For Anaïs, the creative process starts with lots of hand drawings, before making the shapes on the computer and then testing her design using scrap paper. Once she is happy with the shape and structure, she starts to create the final piece using beautiful creative papers. On using papers from the Keaykolour and Curious ranges, Anaïs commented, ‘I found the Keaykolour and Curious papers easy to work with; they could be cut and folded without becoming fragile.’

Sales manager for creative papers at Antalis, Vicky Weatherington, commented: ‘We have collaborated with the Paper Artist Collective several times now and every time it is a real joy to see their skilful and colourful creations – they are a brilliant showcase of the beauty and versatility of paper.’

Keaykolour and Curious are part of Antalis’ creative papers range, all of which is carbon balanced as standard via World Land Trust.


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