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Antalis Ecocube – a new community for sustainable packaging inspiration

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Antalis EcoCube is a new service that offers a hub of knowledge and inspiration to anyone in the packaging chain – from e-commerce and distribution, to manufacturing, whether you are involved in procurement, operations, logistics, design, marketing or CSR/sustainability management.

The EcoCube is a physical cube designed by Antalis to help businesses kick start their journey to EcoExcellence, with six zones linking to an online toolkit containing information to support all sustainable packaging needs and challenges.


The EcoZones include:

  • Customer experience: where consumer misinformation and consumer pressures are discussed. How to easily dispose of packaging and encourage reuse.

  • Operational efficiency: tips and secrets to ensure you not only select the right packaging materials and solutions, but how this operationally impacts your business in a positive way.

  • Waste reduction: information to grow your understanding of the best waste management and reduction options when it comes to your packaging materials.

  • UK and European legislation:  a window into the impact of packaging legislation and how to ensure your business stays within the lines of responsibility and taxable activities.

  • Responsible sourcing: knowledge is everything when assuring yourself that you are using the right products for all your packaging needs. This EcoZone will give you the detail you need to start that journey with certainty.

  • Leading with action: a zone that is informative and collaborative, sharing important insights to empower you to bring positive change through the use of sustainable packaging.


To ensure the cube is an active and useful resource to all, content will be added to and updated regularly, and a dedicated online area for each zone will host content related to the zone topic, including articles, whitepapers, videos, infographics and case studies.


 The EcoCube is also a way to promote how Antalis can help with its very own greenConsult service, where the company’s experts can give guidance, advice, and recommendations on current and new packaging to help reduce its carbon footprint and be more sustainable, recyclable, and resource efficient.


Finally, Antalis will also regularly e-mail the ‘EcoCube community’ updates on the latest developments and legislation, introduce new content, and promote products, services, and solutions.


Head of innovation, sustainability and design, John Garner, commented: ‘Antalis is an expert in sustainable packaging solutions, products and services, and our consultancy services are free of charge, so there has never been a better time to get involved and find out how you can do your bit to protect the future.’





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