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Antalis helping to set the facts straight on sustainability

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Antalis has supplied the paper for the updated Two Sides Myths and Facts booklet.


Two Sides is a global initiative promoting the sustainable attributes of print, paper and paper packaging. The campaign is a collaboration of companies from sectors including forestry, pulp and paper manufacturing, packaging, inks, pre-press, press, finishing, publishing, printing, envelopes and postal operators.


When it comes to the sustainability of print, paper and paper packaging, it is important to separate the facts from the myths. The booklet explores the facts and myths around paper that are still prevalent amongst consumers. From ‘European forests are shrinking’ to ‘paper is bad for the environment’, the booklet highlights and explains nine common myths about print and paper.


Cyclus Offset, from Antalis, was chosen for its exemplary sustainable credentials in 300 and 170 g/m2 cover and text weights. Cyclus is a fully recycled paper that boasts a naturally distinctive character. Its textured, white grain results from highly stringent manufacturing processes using 100% recycled paper pulp. With an objective to make zero compromises on environmental issues, Cyclus boasts a high level of printing quality. Its credentials include FSC Recycled, Blue Angel, EU Ecolabel and rated five stars in the Antalis Green Star System.


Marketing and communications manager at Antalis, Katie Farr, commented: ‘We are proud to have supplied our premium Cyclus Offset grade for this informative booklet which is designed to oust common environmental misconceptions, inspire and inform businesses and consumers with engaging, fact based information about the sustainability of print, paper and packaging. Cyclus could not have been a better choice for this project as it has an impressive number of eco certifications.’



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