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Antalis’ new Coala interior film

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Antalis has launched Coala Interior Film, its new collection of creative self-adhesive finishes, which perfectly meet the needs of brands, interior architects, designers, and refurbishment companies.

The Coala Interior Film collection offers 650 finishes, capable of transforming and giving a second life to walls and furniture in all types of interiors, whether in homes, offices, hotels, or shops.

The range comes in eight collections: wood, natural stone, leather, textiles, marble, glitter, fabric, or plain colours and can, if needed, be UV inkjet printed.

Easy to maintain, durable, moisture proof, UV, fire resistant and anti-bacterial, the Coala Interior Film range can help to limit waste by transforming existing walls and furniture. It is especially relevant during the present challenging times, to quickly refresh a space or surface when differentiation and modifications maybe required or just simply desired.

‘Coala Interior Film allows the hospitality, entertainment, retail and various other industries to reinvent spaces quickly, conveniently and cost effectively. The range is a natural addition to the Coala brand which aims to combine quality, innovation and usability,’ commented Mike Collins, visual communication product manager at Antalis.

He added, ‘With the emergence of new printing materials and technologies, the market is constantly evolving, and we want to ensure that our customers seize this tremendous opportunity with our products, services and training support.’


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