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Antalis team take part in team building event for Earth Day

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In May, a group of volunteers from Antalis attended a team building day at Bradgate Park.

The team building day was part of Antalis’ Earth Day activities and aimed to build and repair damaged fences that protect the trees at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire from deer who eat the bark and leaves, causing damage and risking the health of the trees.

The park has many trees that are several hundreds of years old, and a large number of fallow and red deer roaming free in the 830 acres of countryside. Over the years, many of the old fences protecting the trees had become damaged due to weathering, consequently allowing the deer to eat the bark and leaves of the old trees.

The Antalis team building day began with a short safety briefing, followed by fence building in the deer sanctuary area of the park. Under the guidance of the park ranger and two volunteers, the team set to work removing the damaged bits of the fence so they could be replaced with new wood, restoring the protection of the trees.

Jason Poxon, Antalis Packaging technologist manager, commented: ‘All of the volunteers who got involved with the team building day at Bradgate Park had a great day. Spending time together as a team as well as contributing to the protection of those ancient trees was really rewarding!’


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