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Antalis to stock the ecoMlr, an improved alternative to bubble and padded mailers

Mailing Solutions

With market demand growing for eco friendly packaging solutions, Antalis Packaging is continuously exploring new products to make it easier for customers to address their environmental challenges. It has now announced the introduction of the Paragon ecoMlr to its portfolio, a lightweight, recyclable and impact resistant mailer, delivering a sustainable mailing solution whilst meeting consumer expectations.

The new ecoMlr is competitively priced and offers an alternative to single use mailing items, expanding paper functionality, while maintaining the sustainability and recyclability of the package. The recyclable mailing solution is also manufactured in the UK.

The ecoMlr has also been awarded the top rating of five stars for Antalis’ Green Star System. This classification concept is a rating system grounded in a strict set of criteria (recycled material, bio sourced material, technical recyclability etc) that is measured meticulously and consistently.

John Garner, Antalis Packaging’s head of sustainability, innovation and design, commented: ‘The ecoMrl has received excellent feedback from our customers and the end users. So far, they have been used for a wide range of applications including a UK online retailer and e-commerce business who now despatches around 30,000 packages a month using the ecoMrl, and a manufacturer and distributor of high quality, digitally personalised books, among others.’


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