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ARC-UK Technologies boosts sustainability drive with £1 million investment

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ARC-UK Technologies, one of the first providers of digital print and document imaging to work towards being carbon net zero, has ramped up its sustainability efforts by investing more than £1 million in eco friendly printing that saves resources, enhances time efficiency and improves sustainability practices.


The investment allows the company, which provides vinyl displays for some of the UK’s largest companies, to further support companies and communities’ net carbon zero ambitions by offering neutral print production at speed and scale.


The wide format Fujifilm printing press, the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED, uses recyclable inks which are free from environmentally damaging solvents and uses up to half the energy of traditional printing machines. This is only the second to be installed in the UK. 

 Darren Moorhouse, head of sales UK and Europe, said: ‘The investment highlights our continued journey towards achieving our carbon net zero targets within the UK government’s stipulated timelines, whilst allowing us to further align with industry leading sustainability strategies, from some of the UK’s leading companies, to provide carbon neutral print and document solutions. We can now drive greater levels of productivity without compromising on neutral status or cost efficiencies.’


ARC-UK Technologies has witnessed rapid business growth in recent years because of its sustainability and print credentials, with turnover nearly doubling in just three years.


Darren added, ‘Beyond the environmental benefits of practicing sustainable habits, businesses can reap financial rewards when they choose to be environmentally friendly. We are finding that customers are more likely to partner with companies that engage in and promote sustainable practices.’


Last year, ARC-UK Technologies and Landsec, one of the UK’s largest property and investment companies, formed a strategic partnership, working together on opportunities to help reduce carbon emissions, helping to support local council’s carbon neutral strategies. This included neutral print production at Landsec’s major retail destinations in Leeds, Dartford, London, Somerset, Hertfordshire, Portsmouth, Oxford, Cardiff, Essex and West Yorkshire.


The latest investment builds on the company’s rapid sustainability strategy. In 2022 ARC-UK Technologies, became one of the first print businesses in the UK to work towards having a carbon net zero headquarters with a newly built multi million pound facility in Dartford, helping to kickstart Kent County Council’s plans to be net zero by 2030. 


The company plans to be using 100% renewable energy this year and is in discussions to purchase 60 solar panels for the Dartford facility. 



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