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Atlanta UK launches compact ring pallet wrapper

Packing Solutions

Packaging technology and machinery specialist, Atlanta UK, has unveiled its latest innovative product – the Nova compact ring pallet wrapper.

For decades, traditional pallet stretch wrapping has been used in sectors such as food manufacturing, brewing, beverages and the broader industrial space in the UK. However, with evolving film technologies, increasing environmental concerns, budgetary constraints and ever-changing regulations, traditional solutions may not be the optimal or eco friendly choice. In meeting these challenges, Atlanta Stretch conducted extensive research and development to create the Nova.

A key feature of the Nova is its compact design. It is tailored to fit seamlessly into the spaces previously occupied by many older wrapping machines. This ensures that businesses won't face logistical challenges in changing their set up. By retaining their existing conveyors, guarding and operational areas, installation disruptions can be minimised. Furthermore, Nova's small size makes it easy to transport, unload and set up.

The machine is built to be compatible with the latest ultra thin nano films and those with recycled content and boasts an ‘infinite contact’ pre-stretching mechanism. This innovative feature ensures precision in film elongation, ensuring that each wrap uses the minimum amount of film necessary. This in turn promotes environmental sustainability and provides a cost effective solution for businesses keen on reducing waste and expense.

Safety is paramount in any industrial application and the Nova doesn't disappoint. It is equipped with the most advanced safety features available and meets the standards set by current lifting legislation.

In an era where automation is rapidly transforming supply chains, the Nova is future ready. It is designed to ensure that every pallet is wrapped to perfection, ensuring a neat, no tails finish to every pallet. This attention to detail eliminates the regular maintenance associated with other models, providing businesses with a hassle free wrapping solution that integrates smoothly with automated processes.

No two pallets are the same and the device is built with this variability in mind. Whether pallets are irregular, misshapen, or use networks where pallets are frequently transferred between different locations, the Nova offers a range of smart solutions. These features work in tandem to protect goods from potential damage, ensuring that every shipment reaches its destination in pristine condition, free from slippage or damage.

Commenting on the launch, Roger Cope, technical director, said: ‘The Nova offers solutions to some of the major challenges faced by the food and industrial manufacturing sectors. It is easy to install and maintain, which significantly reduces the cost of operation and ownership compared to other alternatives.’


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