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Avery Dennison graduates to full ETI membership

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Avery Dennison has announced its elevation to full Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) membership. ETI is a global tripartite organisation comprising apparel brands, trade unions and NGOs that work together to uphold the rights of all workers, ensuring member companies advance ethical trading practices, while making a positive impact on workers' lives.

Avery Dennison RBIS (Retail Branding and Information Solutions) has been actively engaged as foundation member of ETI since January 2020, and has successfully completed a rigorous audit process to validate conformance with ETI’s Base Code and standards. The elevation to full membership further demonstrates the business’s commitment to strengthening the transparency of labour practices in its facilities, as well as improving the lives of all employees who work across its supply chain. Avery Dennison RBIS operates manufacturing plants around the world, in locations including China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Honduras, and it has long been committed to social compliance to ensure all workers are safe, respected, and fairly treated.

The two organisations strongly believe that finding effective and sustainable solutions to workers’ issues requires collaboration between companies, suppliers, trade unions, NGOs and governments.

‘We believe our size, scale, and position within the global supply chain give us an opportunity to invest in collaborative practices that support safe and healthy work environments,’ explained Ray Zhang, global social compliance manager. ‘We are proud of our ETI Membership, and see it as 100% consistent with our goal of enhancing the livelihood of our people and communities, which ultimately creates value for everyone in the supply chain.’

As the only label and trims supplier to have become ETI members, Avery Dennison is proud to count itself among the more than 80 global companies that have taken a pledge to transparency and accountability.

Joining forces with ETI and its members is another way the company is making a material difference to foster meaningful change in the communities in which its teams live and work.


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