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bakergoodchild launches real time mail item level reporting

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bakergoodchild has launched a new service which provides customers with item level mail pack tracking in real time, which can trigger automated personalised communications via SMS and e-mail – one of the first systems of its kind for mail.

Customers will have full visibility available throughout the data, print, production and delivery lifecycle. Each individual mail piece is uniquely identifiable throughout all of the production processes and then once scanned in the mail network allowing for tracking in real time.

Reporting dashboards are accessible to customers through RightTrack software and provide an accurate picture of how much mail will be delivered and when, giving customers access to the fully auditable journey. The system also allows access to regulatory compliant reports to evidence individual communications throughout the mail lifecycle – particularly useful for debt recovery and those communications that require mandatory notice periods.

The biggest benefit of the system however, and arguably the most exciting feature, is the ability to automatically trigger additional personalised communications, like and SMS or e-mail, by using the tracking data available from each mailing pack.

Paul Brough, managing director of bakergoodchild, said: ‘We are very excited that we are now able to offer this service to our customers. Designed and developed in-house RightTrack appends Royal Mail’s item level MailMark data, providing the data and time the item was machine processed by Royal Mail, to the bakergoodchild audit trail. Providing item level tracking information as opposed to batch level reporting is such an improvement.

‘The fact that we can pull data into user friendly dashboard’s which can be used to trigger further communications has unlocked a new level of opportunities for us to enhance the user experience for our customers. We are now able to offer a fully integrated multichannel, data led service to our customers at the heart of our approach.’


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