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Bar Graphic Machinery to launch two finishing solutions at Labelexpo

Label Finishing Solutions

Alongside a comprehensive portfolio of label finishing solutions designed for today’s fast paced label and narrow web packaging industry, the team at Bar Graphic Machinery (BGM) will be showcasing two next generation machines. It will launch its BGM Elite Digiflex 330 with semi-rotary print station, quick change ink system and screenprinting unit, and the new BGM Elite Dieflex E at Labelexpo Europe 2023, hall 3, stand D24.

On stand will be the Digiflex 330, a high performance, highly flexible and robust full servo reregister flexographic die cutting and converting finishing system.

Annemarie Rhodes, managing director of BGM, commented: ‘At BGM, we are always listening to our customers, understanding their needs and enabling them to constantly improve their print finishing quality, speed and costs.

‘With that ethos, we identified that conventional print cylinders create waste when the machine starts and stops due to the impression on/off leaving a bar mark. This is not the case with our new semi-rotary solution on the Digiflex 330 as the impression is timed not to be in an impression print stage when the machine is stopped, vastly reducing waste. An important quality and cost saving for our customers.

‘The machine also now incorporates a screenprinting unit ideal for application of heavier weight coatings and tactile varnishes at the finishing stage. In addition, the new auto lock quick change cartridge ink pan system involves a simple slide, push and tilt motion for the operator enabling colour changes in less than one minute. Again, a significant benefit for BGM customers.’

Achieving outstanding converting and finishing speeds up to 160 metres per minute, the Digiflex 330 is an energy efficient machine designed with servo infeed and outfeed, a semi-rotary re-register flexo print station with LED drying, and cold foiling and laminating units. It also comprises a back slitting unit, waste rewind with lay on roller and rapid slit rotary shear cut slitting system, complemented by master and finishing rewinders.

Designed to support start ups and scaling up businesses as a lower investment option, the new BGM Elite Dieflex E launching at the show is a high speed plain label converting and finishing line that can also be equipped with an adjustable anvil as an option.

Annemarie explained, ‘Over time, no matter how diligent the press operator is about regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance of rotary dies, normal wear and tear can cause the die to cut unevenly resulting in unusable press runs, costing the business valuable time and money, not to mention upset clients.

‘The incorporation of an adjustable clearance anvil (ACA) into the Dieflex E enables the press operator to change the depth of the cut on the fly, without any need to slow down the press, ensuring compensation for die wear and minimum waste.’


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