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BCMPA helps to open doors for us trade partnerships

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The BCMPA – The Association for Contract Manufacturing, Packing, Fulfilment & Logistics – is helping US food producers from the state of Colorado find their ideal outsourcing partners in the UK for a range of manufactured food and drink goods.


Faced with distribution issues for their products in overseas markets, the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s (CDA) International Marketing & Business Development team initially contacted the BCMPA to help build better relationships in the UK.


Colorado's farmers, ranchers and food processors grow, process and market over $15 billion worth of products each year, with goods marketed to more than 115 countries around the world. However, when exporting packaged products directly from the United States, producers often experience problems in effectively getting their goods to market.


Following their introduction, conversations were held between the BCMPA and CDA at the IFE Manufacturing exhibition, with the Association showing how it could help US brands find effective third-party outsourcing partners in the UK.


‘We were very impressed with the BCMPA’s resources, in particular its comprehensive website which has the capability to search for contract manufacturers according to specific requirements,’ explained Ashley Warsh, part of the CDA’s International Markets & Business Development team. ‘It is also reassuring that all members are known by the BCMPA, which confirms that businesses are operating to the highest standards.


‘Having a collaborative approach between industry associations and governing bodies is proving to have great benefits to trade for both sides.’


The partnership is already bearing fruit, with a Colorado sauce manufacturer Thunder Snout due to launch a new barbeque sauce into the UK later this year thanks to BCMPA member Sauce Shed.


In addition, the CDA team is spearheading a visit for UK contract manufacturers to Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico in June. The objectives of the trip are for US food manufacturers and brands to meet the UK companies and discuss opportunities for establishing manufacturing and distribution in the country. At the same time, the visitors from the UK will be able to meet their US counterparts to identify synergies and develop cross fertilisation of ideas and products, potentially helping them to extend their manufacturing overseas.


BCMPA CEO Emma Verkaik commented, ‘This is a very exciting initiative, and we are delighted to be working with the CDA and promoting the many benefits of UK contract manufacturing for US food producers. Working with a reputable supplier can make all the difference to successfully launching products and as an association we work hard to help overseas companies find their perfect outsourcing partner in the UK market.


‘We are very much looking forward to building on the initial successes with the CDA and building a long term partnership that benefits our members. This is a great example of collaboration and one we are keen to continue developing.’


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