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Beanies Meanz Hats!

Print Solutions

TheMagicTouch is pleased to endorse the beanie hat as one of its key products to use as the perfect sales and marketing tool. It is a ‘one size’ fits all and does what it is meant to do – keeps your head warm!

Over many years TheMagicTouch has assisted customers in using personalised samples to generate new business affordably. The availability of the Beechfield beanie hat range of various colours featuring colour co-ordinated printable panels (round and rectangular) makes the decoration and personalisation of the product easier than ever before.

Using the various image transfer techniques available from TheMagicTouch enables almost any potential customer’s design/logo/image to be emblazoned in either single or indeed full colour. The company also recommends decoration using Premium Flock as the finished effect is stunning.

However, creating the personalised sample is just the beginning, the product must then be forwarded to the target customer with a simple message to be conveyed of ‘no artwork cost, no set up cost and the first one is free’. When sent to existing customers the samples always generate a positive response and create the opportunity to sell. Please note the cost of a decorated beanie hat using any of TheMagicTouch transfer methods is around £2 each which is less than a cappuccino on the high street!


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