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Berry’s PCR initiatives support customer sustainability objectives

Packaging Solutions

Berry M&H has announced a number of initiatives both to support its customers’ sustainability goals and to help them meet the requirements of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

The company says that the majority of its standard products have now been tested and qualified incorporating a minimum of 30% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. Berry M&H is also working closely with its customers to support the incorporation of PCR into their specific products.

Both moves will be further supported later this year by the availability of additional quality rPP mechanical recycled FDA grade material through the establishment of a new Berry Global polymer recycling unit in the UK.

The new facility employs the company’s proprietary CleanStream technology, which delivers a closed loop system to mechanically process domestically recovered household waste polypropylene back into consumer packaging. Used plastics are washed, sorted and sifted to produce food grade materials with a remarkable target purity standard of 99.9%.

These latest developments are in line with Berry Global’s published Impact 2025 sustainability strategy which aims to work with customers to support all aspects of their sustainability objectives, focusing on areas including product design, material selection, recycling and manufacturing excellence.

The ability to incorporate at least 30% PCR into packs, meanwhile, will provide exemption to the Plastic Packaging Tax, which was introduced into the UK in April on all plastic packaging either manufactured or imported into the UK.

‘Sustainability benefits have long been a driver in all our product development and manufacturing,’ commented Berry M&H cluster managing director Joe Rahman.

‘We will continue to work with our customers to support their ongoing transition towards sustainability and circularity.’


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