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Berry’s Superlock gives nutritional spread long lasting protection

Packaging Solutions

The SuperLock pot from Berry Superfos is providing Choco Yoco, a healthy chocolate spread, with an innovative and reusable packaging solution that combines a premium image for the brand with effective product protection for a long shelf life.

Choco Yoco has developed a range of healthy yoghurt based spreads, targeted at children and their parents. It is the first range in Europe to have Nutri-Score A, the highest nutritional score possible in the Nutri-Score system used in many European countries.

An innovative product required an equally innovative pack, which is why the company selected the SuperLock pot.

‘I had my eye on the SuperLock range for a long time and did not even consider other options,’ explained Alex Helsen, Choco Yoco’s managing director. ‘Its high quality look makes it a perfect match for our Choco Yoco concept. Further, consumers can re-purpose the pot, for example, as a cookie or fruit container after they have enjoyed the Choco Yoco spread.’

One of the other great characteristics of SuperLock that makes it ideal for food products, is its extremely low oxygen transmission rates which ensures that the spreads stay fresh for a long time on supermarket shelves. The pack is manufactured in polypropylene which is a recyclable material. The replaceable lid protects the contents once opened and allows portion control.

The strong partnership already established between Choco Yoco and Berry Superfos will be a critical part of the brand’s continued growth.

‘We are delighted to work with Berry Superfos,’ said Alex Helsen. ‘The company is a very professional partner which has helped us through the entire development process and given our product a personalised look. And thanks to the size of Berry Superfos, we have a packaging solutions partner to help us with our long term growth in the European market.’


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