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Bobst UK & Ireland helps Amipak boost agility with Novacut 106 ER

Finishing Solutions

Bobst UK & Ireland has helped Amipak to boost productivity and streamline its processes with the installation of a Novacut 106 ER Autoplaten die cutter.

With the new investment in place, Amipak is now able to make use of its high performance in line blanking, which the machine accomplishes alongside cutting and stripping to produce perfectly stacked and counted batches.

The installation, at its Croydon production facility, gives the company greater flexibility and volume on its die cut packaging line and is already yielding positive results for the business. Amipak has noted that the improvement in flexibility has enabled it to reliably take on larger supply commitments.

Bobst area sales manager Craig McGowan said, ‘For many packaging converters looking to excel in a volume and speed focused market, in line blank separation can prove difficult and cost prohibitive. It is a headache that businesses don’t need. However, with technology and tooling from Bobst, in line blanking can be made simple and effective, creating new heights of productivity by accomplishing more in a single pass.

‘Amipak is known for its combination of quality and speed, and Bobst technology is a perfect fit. The Novacut 106 ER offers cutting, stripping and blanking in one go, significantly reducing operator workload, creating more effective workflows and making cost control simpler. A powerful example of Bobst connected thinking, the Novacut line unlocks full sheet delivery for short non repetitive jobs, giving converters the agility to switch from stripping only to blanking.’

In addition to the new investment, Amipak has also called on the Bobst training division to improve productivity on other machines at its facility.

The decision to invest followed a programme of virtual trials using Amipak’s tooling setup, ensuring the machine would fit effortlessly into the company’s existing workflows.

Josh Friedler, commercial director at Amipak, added: Part of what makes Amipak such a force in the food grade packaging market is being responsive to the changing needs of our customers, both in the long term and on a daily basis. Our business is continually growing in capability and revenue, and the installation of our new Bobst Novacut 106 ER die cutter means we can further streamline our operations. Ultimately, the ability to blank in single pass runs gives us more speed and more flexibility and with the precision and quality that Bobst is known for.

‘With the support of Bobst, the process was remarkably simple. The installation and hands on training meant our operators could hit the ground running, and we are already seeing the value and potential of our new equipment. As we continue to expand our business and develop class leading cartonboard packaging solutions, we look forward to further exploring how our Novacut 106 ER can drive value for our customers.’

Left to right: Craig McGowan, Bobst area sales manager, with Joseph Schwitzer, director of business development, and Josh Friedler, commercial director,

both Amipak.


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