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Bowe Group acquires majority stake in Solcon

Industrial Solutions

The Bowe Group has acquired a majority stake in Solcon Systemtechnik GmbH of Lübeck, Germany. This step will allow the group to expand its portfolio specifically with high performance, electronic locating (RTLS) and RFID solutions, which are increasingly in demand in intralogistics and numerous other industries.

Innovative RTLS, RFID and other electronic locating technologies are gaining momentum as core components of the localisation (track and trace) solutions uses in IoT to track assets and products in different branches of industry. The need for cost efficient and high precision RTLS and GPS solutions is rapidly increasing as various products, such as anti-collision systems, are launched where these are base technologies. Developing such solutions and implementing them in practice is meanwhile Solcon’s number one business segment, and the company has a reputation for innovation and technological leadership in this field.

The products and solutions developed by Solcon will strengthen the BOWE GROUP’s expertise when it comes to automation. They make a perfect complement to the range of solutions on offer from Bowe IQ and Bowe Intralogistics divisions in the areas of auto ID, track and trace, asset tracking and asset management.


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