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British Plastics Federation launches new logo

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The British Plastics Federation has revealed a new logo, alongside a completely refreshed website, representing a major branding change for the trade association.

The new logo reflects the BPF’s focus on boosting the industry’s image, intended to fortify the organisation’s constructive influence across key stakeholder groups, and via its reports and initiatives.

With the upcoming release of the BPF’s net zero report, a new interactive online carbon footprint tool, alongside many economically significant initiatives of the organisation’s 18 business groups, this style evolution will further solidify its role as a leading voice in plastics and sustainability.

With the tagline ‘Supporting a Sustainable Plastics Industry’, the BPF’s new look alludes to the organisation’s focus on communicating the importance of the industry as more than just an economic force but also a positive environmental one. Part of spreading this message has involved the BPF nurturing its relationship with the UK government, as well as with major media titles and key organisations across the supply chain. The refreshing new look is intended to reflect a forward thinking, innovative industry, committed to positive, sustainable change.

Inspired by the theme of collaboration, the plastics resin identification symbols, and the famous mobius recycling loop, the new icon is intended to deliver a swift and positive association in the mind of many audience groups. The new icon’s three core parts can be said to represent the three parts of the plastics supply chain, beginning with polymer suppliers, followed by the plastics processors and recycling companies who, together with equipment suppliers, overlap to make up the bulk of the BPF’s extensive membership network.

Members have been invited to display the new BPF logo on their websites and other marketing materials as a sign of their company’s status as an accepted member of the trade association.

Philip Law, director general, stated: ‘The British Plastics Federation reached well over six million people in its communications last year and can quite rightly claim to be a leading global voice on sustainable plastics. Given our vital role in supporting the UK industry’s tremendously positive track record, we are thrilled to release this refreshment of our branding. We recognise how this visual change will support the BPFs many initiatives promoting a sustainable future for the UK plastics sector.’


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