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Broadgate Paper becomes part of EBB

Paper Solutions

Elliott Baxter & Company Limited (EBB) has confirmed, that at the start of January it acquired Broadgate Paper. It will become part of the EBB Office & Paper division based at the Thurrock site.


Broadgate Paper is a leading cut size papers business, serving City of London companies, as well as schools in the Essex and Kent areas. The company was set up by Paul Rossiter in 1998; he and his son, Ben, joined the EBB Office team from the start of January.


Chris Sandwell, sales and marketing director, said: ‘We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of Broadgate, we have known Paul for a long time and believe his customer focus and high degree of service at Broadgate fits ideally into the EBB Office strategy. With a larger portfolio and increased distribution area we believed we can grow the Broadgate sales.’




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