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C&T extends its range of stripping machinery equipment from Mito

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C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) has been selling the PlayMatrix 4.0, an automatic creasing matrix cutting system, since 2019. Over 50 machines have been sold giving considerable benefits of time saving and accuracy to leading box makers and large users of creasing matrix.

This machine however is only part of the growing portfolio of leading electronic machinery from C&T in partnership with Mito – all designed to improve quality and speed up the production of box making.

C&T is introducing the T-Rex Stripping Machine, a solution for the corrugated board industry. This innovative waste stripping machine with a chain automates the stripping process, making it faster, more efficient, and less labour intensive (up to 80% working time). Equipped with hardened teeth chain technology, the T-Rex Stripping Machine accelerates the removal of waste material from corrugated boards.

With the T-Rex Stripping Machine, users can significantly reduce downtime and enhance productivity. Its high speed stripping capabilities allow for faster production times, eliminating bottlenecks in the production process and gives a higher quality finished product. The T-Rex Stripping Machine is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

The TSP Stripping Machine from C&T is also another exciting addition to the range. This waste stripping machine with teeth tooling automates the stripping process for solid board, ensuring precise and efficient waste removal. Its intelligent sensors and adjustable stripping tools ensure precise and thorough stripping, even in intricate designs.

By leveraging the capabilities of the TSP Stripping Machine, users can achieve significant gains in productivity and efficiency. Its superior stripping abilities for pre die cut sheets result in increased output and reduced production time (up to 70% of working time).

Furthermore, this machine reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies. Its robust construction guarantees durability, making it ideal for high volume production environments. With minimal maintenance required, this machine offers convenience and cost effectiveness. Available with two sizes of teeth: 9 mm standard and 3 mm for complex work.

Simon Shenton, managing director at C&T Matrix, said: ‘By upgrading and embracing the power of these new stripping solutions users can discover new levels of productivity and quality in their packaging operations. Visit our website to explore more about the Mito Stripping Machines and how they can revolutionise your business.’


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