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Canon announces Future Promotion Forum 2021

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In a world where brands and customers interact with each other across multiple channels, meeting expectations at the right time can be a challenge. So how do we go about ensuring that all marketing channels are harmonised to provide the best possible user experience? In the Canon Future Promotion Forum 2021, to be held online on 5 October, this will be the theme for discussion, as the options available to marketers when striving for the ultimate user experience are discussed.

Future Promotion Forum 2021 will be hosted online to give as many attendees as possible the opportunity to interact with the panel of experts. Providing a platform for information exchange about customer communications and boosting customer loyalty, the Future Promotion Forum will focus on how to maximise customer engagement by omnichannel synchronisation.

After a year of interacting virtually with brands, customers are looking for more – consumer behaviour has become more emotional and purpose driven and marketing messages should not only be relevant but personalised to the circumstances of the audience. Customer experience therefore needs to be seamless and right at their fingertips. The forum will also feature the topics of channel measurement and successful implementation of data, to create intelligent user journeys, including programmatic print.

The keynote speaker is Nicole Ramirez, a digital marketing professional specialising in marketing technology, processes, and data driven strategy. While everyone is entering the ‘new normal’, Nicole will talk about the ‘next normal’ for brands and marketing brought about by the changes in consumer behaviour since the pandemic. She will expand on the three key success traits for brands – authenticity, strong foundation, and data – and will offer advice on pivoting marketing strategies post-COVID and measuring success.

As the owner of NR Digital Consulting, Nicole has worked in several different industries on marketing automation and customer journeys, website optimisation, and performance strategy. She is currently on the advisory board for the Digital Marketing Mini-MBA at the University of Houston. A former contributor to Forbes and also an avid public speaker, her TEDx Talk on Personalisation and the Privacy Paradox has been named by multiple publications as one of the Top Digital Marketing TED Talks.

Other presenters include Ludovic Martin, an independent consultant in e-commerce strategy and web to print projects and previously chief marketing and strategy officer for online printer, Exaprint. Ludovic will contend that the continuous increase of cost per click (CPC), the reduction of click through rates (CTR) and the ad fatigue that many online customers are suffering, shows that print is a key component of the marketing mix of e-commerce players today.

Isla Munro, managing director of UK based direct marketing agency, Dragonfly, has helped create and deliver over 2.5 billion direct mail items in her career to date. A board member on the Royal Mail Strategic Mailing Partnership board, Isla will give her views on how marketers can now integrate printed direct mail to enhance the performance of their digital channels. She will also provide insights on how to leverage the latest digital printing technology developments for direct marketing campaigns.

Demonstrating the power that marketing has to impact the communities around us, Cathy Bittner, strategic business development manager, Canon Europe and Gordon Young, editor in chief and founder of The Drum will talk about how the two organisations teamed up to give art students who missed out on their final year degree shows – normally a life defining moment that sets them up for a bright future in the creative industries – a second chance to get the recognition they deserve. The project also offers a glimpse into the future of print innovation in uplifting other digital channels through the use of programmatic print.

Commenting on the event, Cathy Bittner said, ‘I am very excited about this year’s Future Promotion Forum. We have a great line up of speakers who will offer some really valuable ideas about getting the best synergies across communication channels. And by reprising last year’s online format, we can include more of your questions in the panel discussions, giving us a more interactive flavour than ever.’

Participation in The Canon Future Promotion Forum 2021 is free of charge.

Please find more information on how to register for the event here:


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