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CGS Oris now exclusive sales partner of Metis Systems in Germany

Industrial Solutions

Whether for flooring, tiles, furniture or wallpaper, Metis scanners are perfectly geared to the specific needs of the decor market.

With the scanners, a wide variety of materials and surfaces, with all their colour specific, gloss and haptic properties, are captured within a very short time and can be conveniently processed further in the design process.

The Italian manufacturer's scanners have been successfully used in the ‘cultural heritage’ sector for years by many of the most important archives, libraries and museums in the world. Today, several leading companies in different industries such as ceramic, furniture, design, décor, and lately fashion, have invested in Metis technology to assist their production workflow.

This is also in connection with the development of specific software for this sector. Further information on this is announced for the second half of the year.


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